Ghana Hockey Coaching

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Ghana Hockey CoachingGhana Hockey CoachingGhana Hockey Coaching

Trip Highlights

  • Coach in hockey clubs in Accra
  • Help establish our sports outreach programme in schools
  • Dish out your knowledge of the sport
  • Enjoy the beautiful weather year round

Trip Summary

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The popularity of hockey over the last few years has sharply increased in Ghana- with some schools participating in leagues, and others enjoying it during their lessons at school. However not all young Ghanians have access to hockey, so by passing on your knowledge and passion of the sport by dedicating your time to volunteering, you'll enable other young children to take part in this awesome game.


During your time on the project you'll be getting stuck in with all aspects of the game from training, to sharpening up their skills with the stick, to matches. You'll get the chance to join in with the sessions and maybe a couple of the games too, so remember to bring your A-game to the table ( well as your sunnies, the weather's great all year round in Ghana which is a massive bonus!)


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What will I be doing?

  • The Project (2-12 weeks)

  • Your Role (2-12 weeks)

  • What should I expect? (2-12 weeks)

  • There's loads to explore! (2-12 weeks)

The Project: 2-12 weeks

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Destination info

Ghana is in West Africa and renowned for having the warmest, friendliest people. It borders the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana is considered one of the safest places in Africa, with some of the friendliest people on the continent.


Ghanaians are traditionally very welcoming people and they pride themselves on the peaceful state, with very low crime rate.


Accra is Ghana’s capital city and estimated to have a population of around two million. Accra is a large, sprawling city that is developing very fast. It is situated on the coast, with a port and several beach hotels where tourists may stay. Like any African Capital it is large, dusty, energetic, dirty, busy, and yet charming and unique!

  • Location: Accra

As a volunteer hockey coach, you'll be on hand to assist the head coaches at the hockey clubs in Accra. With the support of other members of the volunteering team, you'll be in charge of introducing and running grass roots training schemes for young people in the area. You'll also have the chance to get stuck in to matches, and set up tournaments and competitions for groups within the club!


The clubs aim is to help introduce sport to more young people in Accra's lives, and as hockey is becoming increasingly popular the more volunteers on board to help, the better!



Your Role: 2-12 weeks

Next Leg

Destination info

Ghana is in West Africa and renowned for having the warmest, friendliest people. It borders the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana is considered one of the safest places in Africa, with some of the friendliest people on the continent.


Ghanaians are traditionally very welcoming people and they pride themselves on the peaceful state, with very low crime rate.

  • Location: Accra

Within the hockey club environment you will work with a head coach and other volunteers. Depending on responsibilities at the time you may be asked to set up hockey tournaments, lend a hand in training sessions and get to know the children and their strengths and weaknesses within the sport. Once you've picked up how the children could improve, it'll be your time to shine by helping them with their training techniques- they'll be professionals before they know it!


As well as getting stuck in to club life, you may also get the chance to work in schools within outreach programmes- which has proved to be a great way to introduce the sport to a wider audience.

What should I expect?: 2-12 weeks

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Destination info

Ghana is in West Africa and renowned for having the warmest, friendliest people. It borders the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana is considered one of the safest places in Africa, with some of the friendliest people on the continent.


Ghanaians are traditionally very welcoming people and they pride themselves on the peaceful state, with very low crime rate.

  • Location: Accra

On the first day of your programme you'll have a fantastic orientation to really help you get settled in to your new surroundings and get to grips with life in Ghana. The orientation will cover all of the things you need to know in Ghana- and if you have any burning questions, this'll be your chance to ask them! Additionally, you'll also be taken on a tour of Accra including a visit to the local shops, bars and one of our favourite places- the awesome beach!


You'll receive lots of assistance during your time on the project and as always the in-country Real Gap team are always around in case you have any questions!

There's loads to explore!: 2-12 weeks

Destination info

Ghana is in West Africa and renowned for having the warmest, friendliest people. It borders the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana is considered one of the safest places in Africa, with some of the friendliest people on the continent.


Ghanaians are traditionally very welcoming people and they pride themselves on the peaceful state, with very low crime rate.

  • Location: Accra

When you're not volunteering on the hockey project, you'll have bags of time to explore Accra and the surrounding parts of Ghana during your free time. You'll have approx two days off a week to get stuck in to the local culture, so as well as hitting the shops in Accra and enjoying the nightlife in the centre, you could sit back and relax on the beautiful Ghanan beaches. Such a hard life...


After you've finished your placement with us, you could always extend your trip and see another part of this fantastic country- there are long sandy beaches, awesome waterfalls, old school forts and bustling markets to discover! If you wanted, you could venture further afield and take a safari too. 




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What's included?

  • All accommodation and three meals a day
  • Sport placement
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 24 hour local and emergency support
  • Pre-departure online account
  • Local Orientation

What's not included?

  • Flights, travel insurance and visas
  • Local transportation

Additional Information & FAQs

Minimum age

18 years old


Minimum numbers required on this trip

There are no minimum numbers on the trip.

Please note: you may be the only volunteer at your chosen project at any one time. However, each of our Ghana volunteer projects share the same accommodation. Therefore, if there are volunteers on our other programmes you will be able to spend your spare time and evenings with them. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us



Throughout your placement in Ghana you will be accommodated in a shared volunteer house in Teshie, near the capital city of Accra. Centrally located, you are in easy reach of local shops, banks, bars and even the beach!


You’ll be sharing a room with other participants on the programme, normally there are between 4 and 8 people sharing a room. There are also shared bathroom facilities including toilets and showers.


The house is basic but comfortable and has some lovely communal areas where you can chill out during your free time and socialise with fellow participants. 


Is this trip for you?

If you have a good level of fitness, enjoy playing sport in your spare time and like working with young people, then this project is for you!



Transport from your accommodation to your project each day is not included in the programme, so you will need to make your own way to and fro. During the first few days of your programme, a member of our in-country team will accompany you to show you how to use the local transport system and ensure that you are happy and comfortable doing so before you start making the journey on your own. 


Advice & Safety

Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay.


You will be assigned a personal travel advisor who will co-ordinate your programme with you. Feel free to contact them at any time before you go, or when you are on your travels.


In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency contact number so you can contact one of our UK staff at any time should you need to.




No, you won’t need to take a sleeping bag with you, however it might be a good idea to just take a sleeping bag liner or a thin sheet for night as it can be very hot.



All of the house windows and doors are netted and the rooms are frequently sprayed for mosquitoes. Even when you travel around, mosquito nets will always be provided if necessary, so there is no need to bring a mosquito net.



There is a locked filing cabinet (in the lockable on site office) where you can keep your valuables, you will also have frequent access to your items when needed.



This trip requires a Police Check to be carried out - please contact us for further information on how to do this. 

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