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University, or the universe?

To all of you younger whippersnappers, it's come around to that time of year again. You're either starting your first week or uni (and hopefully loving it!) or thinking of applying for next year, and we appreciate it's a massive decision for anybody. Question is, do you know if uni's definitely for you, or if a year out would help you along your way?

A few weeks ago, we saw an article which talked about travelling boosting your grades at university. Now we can't prove this for ourselves, but we do think taking time out between your studies is a great way to open your eyes to everything else which is out there, and to learn about different cultures along the way!

Between primary and secondary education, you will have spent a grand old total of 13 years within the schooling system... and that's a long, long time! By taking a single year out, you'll be giving yourself the chance to really make sure if you really want to go to university, and then if so- what you have a real interest in studying. You'll find you'll change a lot whilst you're away too, you'll become more independant and after living abroad for a few months/year, you'll find moving out of home for university a piece of cake!

Between us at RG, we have a split almost down the middle of who went to university and who didn't, but all of us have been travelling- and that's the one passion that ties us all together. Trust us, if you have the itch to go, then it's better to see it all while you can!

So what do you reckon guys- take a year out, or jump straight into uni and see the world after? We want to hear what you think, so drop us a tweet at @Real_Gap to help us make up our minds too!

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