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#experienceit - our Top 5 Adventure Kicks

Looking to do something completely out of your comfort zone this year? (Yep, us too!). Life can get a little dry without a bit of adventure, and travelling is all about packing those incredible experiences under your belt and ‘really’ seeing the world!

Adventure, we smelt you a mile off! Check out these wicked adventures that we think YOU should try this year…

Climb the Great Wall of China: Marked as one of the seven New Wonders of the world, the Great Wall of a China is a massive must for any travel fan. Don’t worry we’re not suggesting you walk the whole lot (well, not all 13,000+ miles anyway!) but if you’re visiting China, we reckon this is a must. RG’s Lisa loved the Great Wall!

Game Ranger it: Love animals? Step this way ranger, this one’s for you! On our Big 5 reserve in Port Elizabeth, South Africa you’ll get the chance to work and volunteer on a massive game reserve – seeing all the big guns up close. Imagine waking up to the roar of a lion, or getting the chance to see giraffe/elephants patrolling the plains? It all goes down here, and you’ll love it!

Zambia Expedition: (aka, action packed heaven!): Packed within 48 days, you’ll (take a breath here…) – try out extreme sports on the Zambezi river, go on a five day kayak expedition, a three day waterfall trek, a five day boat safari, go on Big 5 game drives, volunteer on our community project and TONNES more. Adventures geeks, you in? #clickhereformore

Desert Trekking in India: Trek through the Thar desert in the day, camp out under the stars at night. This is what real adventures are made of – don’t forget your camel! (cough: India Experience)

Diving in Belize: Push the adrenaline aside and see adventure from a new angle – in particular from a desert island! You’ll learn to dive all day (Belize’s Blue Hole is not too far away) and kick back on the beach when your not taking part in the conservation effort. This place is wildlife galore, so keep your eyes peeled!

What adventure would you take first? Tweet us!

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