Sabah Adventure

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  • Adventure 4 out of 5
  • Relaxation 2 out of 5
  • Culture 4 out of 5
Sabah AdventureSabah AdventureSabah Adventure

Trip Highlights

  • See giant turtles lay eggs on Turtle Beach
  • Meet mischievous orangutans at Sepilok
  • Bliss out in the Poring Hot Springs
  • Experience sunrise atop magnificent Mt Kinabalu
  • Discover mountain myths on a village homestay
  • Traverse the steamy Kinabatangan rainforest

Trip Summary

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Explore a mystical land of incredible natural beauty and rare wildlife on this Sabah Adventure tour. With its collection of exotic animals, ancient traditions, hot springs, tribal villages, loveable orangutans and incredible views, Sabah has something for everyone. Experience the very best of this part of Borneo - climbing Mt Kinabalu, watching elusive sea turtles lay their eggs upon Turtle Beach and sharing laughs with local village hosts - every minute of this incredible adventure will stay with you for life.

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25 July 201512 days$2,830AvailableBook now
1 August 201512 days$2,695AvailableBook now
15 August 201512 days$2,805AvailableBook now
22 August 201512 days$2,695AvailableBook now
29 August 201512 days$2,485AvailableBook now
5 September 201512 days$2,510AvailableBook now
12 September 201512 days$2,395AvailableBook now
19 September 201512 days$2,395AvailableBook now
26 September 201512 days$2,395AvailableBook now
3 October 201512 days$2,415AvailableBook now
10 October 201512 days$2,415AvailableBook now
17 October 201512 days$2,415AvailableBook now
24 October 201512 days$2,415AvailableBook now
31 October 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
7 November 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
14 November 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
21 November 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
28 November 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
5 December 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
12 December 201512 days$2,325AvailableBook now
19 December 201512 days$2,415AvailableBook now
26 December 201512 days$2,415AvailableBook now
2 January 201612 days$2,415AvailableBook now
9 January 201612 days$2,415AvailableBook now
12 January 201612 days$2,325AvailableBook now
16 January 201612 days$2,325AvailableBook now
23 January 201612 days$2,325AvailableBook now
30 January 201612 days$2,325AvailableBook now
6 February 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
9 February 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
13 February 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
20 February 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
27 February 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
5 March 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
8 March 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
12 March 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
19 March 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
26 March 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
2 April 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
5 April 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
9 April 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
16 April 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
23 April 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
30 April 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
3 May 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
7 May 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
14 May 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
21 May 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
28 May 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
31 May 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
4 June 201612 days$2,460AvailableBook now
11 June 201612 days$2,460AvailableBook now
18 June 201612 days$2,460AvailableBook now
25 June 201612 days$2,460AvailableBook now
2 July 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
5 July 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
9 July 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
16 July 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
23 July 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
30 July 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
2 August 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
6 August 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
13 August 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
20 August 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
27 August 201612 days$2,670AvailableBook now
3 September 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
6 September 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
10 September 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
17 September 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
24 September 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
1 October 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
4 October 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
8 October 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
15 October 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
22 October 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
29 October 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
5 November 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
12 November 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
19 November 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
26 November 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
3 December 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
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10 December 201612 days$2,280AvailableBook now
17 December 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now
24 December 201612 days$2,370AvailableBook now

What will I be doing?

  • 12 day Itinerary ()

12 day Itinerary:

Destination info

The island of Borneo lies in the South China Sea and is predominantly covered by dense rainforest, supporting an abundance of plant and animal life. Borneo’s ancient rainforests have, in some cases, remained virtually unchanged for many millions of years. It is said that this part of the world may have been the home of the earliest form of man, with findings from caves in Sarawak suggesting that man was here 40,000 years ago.

Sabah has so much to offer that it’s really a case of either what your interests are, or if your greedy where to start. Do you want to see orang-utans, explore the untouched forests, ascend Mt Kinabalu or dive around the Sipadan reef? That is just to name a few of the highlights. 

  • Location:

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu
Experience the frontier charm of Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, sandwiched between palm oil plantations and the sultry South China Sea. If arriving early, why not venture to the Sabah Museum and check out the impressive collection of tribal artefacts on display.
Day 2 Dusun Village
Learn about the spiritual, economic and social ties that the locals have with the imposing Mt Kinabalu during a village homestay.
Days 3-4 Mt Kinabalu
Fuelled by fresh mountain air and stunning views, set off on an energetic Mt Kinabalu climb. It's a challenging ascent but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Kinabalu's remarkable flora and fauna along the way.
Days 5-6 Poring Hot Springs
Wake early to catch sunrise at the summit of Mt Kinabalu - admire the jungles of Borneo in one direction and the South China Sea in the other. Enjoy a well-deserved soak in the Japanese-style Poring Hot Springs - believed to have healing properties for the skin.
Day 7 Kinabatangan River
Travel into the steamy rainforest of Kinabatangan. Learn how the locals contribute to the region's conservation at MESCOT, a project that provides villagers with environmental education. 
Day 8 Sandakan
Embark on another jungle excursion, this time learning about the medicinal properties of different plants, before donning an apron for a traditional cooking class. Then, make tracks to the busy city of Sandakan, home to historic Chinese temples and an island-studded bay.
Day 9 Turtle Island
Pass by fishing villages on a speedboat ride to Turtle Island. Be touched by the sight of giant green turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.
Day 10 Sepilok Orangutan Reserve
The soulful eyes of Borneo's famous creatures will melt hearts on a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Learn about conservation on an optional tour of the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) or check out the cheeky proboscis monkeys at a sanctuary in Labuk Bay.
Days 11-12 Kota Kinabalu
Fly back to Kota Kinabalu and perhaps cap off this colourful Sabah adventure with a celebration dinner.

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