Malawi Teaching Volunteers

From $1,159, 2 weeks, Malawi Trip code: MATE

  • Adventure 2 out of 5
  • Relaxation 2 out of 5
  • Culture 4 out of 5
Malawi Teaching VolunteersMalawi Teaching VolunteersMalawi Teaching Volunteers

Trip Highlights

  • Gaining confidence handling the large classes and watching as your pupil’s confidence grows with your help
  • Providing additional tuition sessions to the children who need it the most
  • Sundowners overlooking Lake Malawi!

Trip Summary

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Teach in Malawi and prepare to be creative, imaginative and flexible as you work with large groups of eager pupils. It’s not uncommon to have classes of up to 200 children so teamwork is imperative, as you’ll work alongside the teachers and other volunteers to try and give each student the attention they need.


Core subjects will be taught in the mornings with extra-curricular activities in the afternoon – get sporty, arty or musical. The pupils will love it and we’re pretty sure you will too!

When do I want to go?

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Dates of Departures Duration Price (Land Only) Trip Status
30 November 20152 weeks$1,239Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20153 weeks$1,489Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20154 weeks$1,729Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20155 weeks$1,969Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20156 weeks$2,179Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20157 weeks$2,359Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20158 weeks$2,549Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 20159 weeks$2,719Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 201510 weeks$2,899Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 201511 weeks$3,089Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
30 November 201512 weeks$3,269Limited AvailabilityCall Us 1-800-985-4852
7 December 20152 weeks$1,239AvailableBook now
7 December 20153 weeks$1,489AvailableBook now
7 December 20154 weeks$1,729AvailableBook now
7 December 20155 weeks$1,969AvailableBook now
7 December 20156 weeks$2,179AvailableBook now
7 December 20157 weeks$2,359AvailableBook now
7 December 20158 weeks$2,549AvailableBook now
7 December 20159 weeks$2,719AvailableBook now
7 December 201510 weeks$2,899AvailableBook now
7 December 201511 weeks$3,089AvailableBook now
7 December 201512 weeks$3,269AvailableBook now
14 December 20152 weeks$1,239AvailableBook now
14 December 20153 weeks$1,489AvailableBook now
14 December 20154 weeks$1,729AvailableBook now
14 December 20155 weeks$1,969AvailableBook now
14 December 20156 weeks$2,179AvailableBook now
14 December 20157 weeks$2,359AvailableBook now
14 December 20158 weeks$2,549AvailableBook now
14 December 20159 weeks$2,719AvailableBook now
14 December 201510 weeks$2,899AvailableBook now
14 December 201511 weeks$3,089AvailableBook now
14 December 201512 weeks$3,269AvailableBook now
21 December 20152 weeks$1,239AvailableBook now
21 December 20153 weeks$1,489AvailableBook now
21 December 20154 weeks$1,729AvailableBook now
21 December 20155 weeks$1,969AvailableBook now
21 December 20156 weeks$2,179AvailableBook now
21 December 20157 weeks$2,359AvailableBook now
21 December 20158 weeks$2,549AvailableBook now
21 December 20159 weeks$2,719AvailableBook now
21 December 201510 weeks$2,899AvailableBook now
21 December 201511 weeks$3,089AvailableBook now
21 December 201512 weeks$3,269AvailableBook now
28 December 20152 weeks$1,239AvailableBook now
28 December 20153 weeks$1,489AvailableBook now
28 December 20154 weeks$1,729AvailableBook now
28 December 20155 weeks$1,969AvailableBook now
28 December 20156 weeks$2,179AvailableBook now
28 December 20157 weeks$2,359AvailableBook now
28 December 20158 weeks$2,549AvailableBook now
28 December 20159 weeks$2,719AvailableBook now
28 December 201510 weeks$2,899AvailableBook now
28 December 201511 weeks$3,089AvailableBook now
28 December 201512 weeks$3,269AvailableBook now
4 January 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
4 January 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
4 January 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
4 January 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
4 January 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
4 January 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
4 January 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
4 January 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
4 January 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
4 January 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
4 January 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
11 January 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
11 January 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
11 January 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
11 January 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
11 January 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
11 January 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
11 January 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
11 January 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
11 January 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
11 January 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
11 January 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
18 January 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
18 January 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
18 January 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
18 January 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
18 January 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
18 January 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
18 January 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
18 January 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
18 January 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
18 January 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
18 January 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
25 January 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
25 January 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
25 January 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
25 January 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
25 January 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
25 January 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
25 January 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
25 January 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
25 January 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
25 January 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
25 January 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
1 February 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
1 February 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
1 February 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
1 February 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
1 February 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
1 February 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
1 February 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
1 February 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
1 February 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
1 February 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
1 February 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
8 February 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
8 February 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
8 February 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
8 February 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
8 February 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
8 February 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
8 February 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
8 February 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
8 February 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
8 February 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
8 February 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
15 February 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
15 February 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
15 February 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
15 February 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
15 February 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
15 February 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
15 February 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
15 February 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
15 February 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
15 February 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
15 February 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
22 February 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
22 February 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
22 February 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
22 February 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
22 February 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
22 February 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
22 February 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
22 February 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
22 February 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
22 February 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
22 February 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
29 February 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
29 February 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
29 February 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
29 February 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
29 February 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
29 February 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
29 February 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
29 February 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
29 February 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
29 February 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
29 February 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
7 March 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
7 March 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
7 March 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
7 March 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
7 March 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
7 March 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
7 March 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
7 March 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
7 March 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
7 March 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
7 March 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
14 March 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
14 March 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
14 March 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
14 March 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
14 March 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
14 March 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
14 March 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
14 March 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
14 March 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
14 March 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
14 March 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
21 March 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
21 March 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
21 March 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
21 March 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
21 March 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
21 March 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
21 March 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
21 March 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
21 March 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
21 March 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
21 March 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
28 March 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
28 March 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
28 March 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
28 March 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
28 March 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
28 March 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
28 March 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
28 March 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
28 March 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
28 March 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
28 March 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
4 April 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
4 April 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
4 April 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
4 April 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
4 April 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
4 April 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
4 April 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
4 April 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
4 April 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
4 April 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
4 April 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
11 April 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
11 April 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
11 April 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
11 April 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
11 April 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
11 April 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
11 April 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
11 April 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
11 April 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
11 April 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
11 April 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
18 April 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
18 April 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
18 April 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
18 April 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
18 April 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
18 April 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
18 April 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
18 April 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
18 April 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
18 April 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
18 April 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
25 April 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
25 April 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
25 April 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
25 April 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
25 April 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
25 April 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
25 April 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
25 April 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
25 April 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
25 April 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
25 April 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
2 May 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
2 May 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
2 May 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
2 May 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
2 May 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
2 May 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
2 May 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
2 May 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
2 May 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
2 May 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
2 May 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
9 May 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
9 May 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
9 May 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
9 May 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
9 May 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
9 May 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
9 May 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
9 May 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
9 May 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
9 May 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
9 May 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
16 May 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
16 May 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
16 May 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
16 May 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
16 May 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
16 May 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
16 May 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
16 May 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
16 May 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
16 May 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
16 May 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
23 May 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
23 May 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
23 May 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
23 May 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
23 May 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
23 May 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
23 May 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
23 May 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
23 May 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
23 May 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
23 May 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
30 May 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
30 May 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
30 May 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
30 May 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
30 May 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
30 May 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
30 May 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
30 May 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
30 May 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
30 May 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
30 May 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
6 June 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
6 June 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
6 June 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
6 June 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
6 June 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
6 June 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
6 June 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
6 June 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
6 June 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
6 June 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
6 June 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
13 June 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
13 June 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
13 June 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
13 June 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
13 June 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
13 June 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
13 June 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
13 June 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
13 June 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
13 June 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
13 June 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
20 June 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
20 June 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
20 June 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
20 June 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
20 June 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
20 June 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
20 June 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
20 June 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
20 June 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
20 June 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
20 June 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
27 June 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
27 June 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
27 June 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
27 June 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
27 June 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
27 June 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
27 June 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
27 June 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
27 June 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
27 June 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
27 June 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
4 July 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
4 July 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
4 July 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
4 July 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
4 July 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
4 July 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
4 July 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
4 July 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
4 July 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
4 July 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
4 July 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
11 July 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
11 July 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
11 July 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
11 July 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
11 July 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
11 July 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
11 July 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
11 July 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
11 July 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
11 July 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
11 July 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
18 July 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
18 July 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
18 July 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
18 July 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
18 July 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
18 July 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
18 July 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
18 July 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
18 July 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
18 July 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
18 July 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
25 July 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
25 July 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
25 July 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
25 July 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
25 July 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
25 July 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
25 July 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
25 July 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
25 July 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
25 July 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
25 July 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
1 August 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
1 August 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
1 August 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
1 August 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
1 August 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
1 August 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
1 August 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
1 August 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
1 August 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
1 August 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
1 August 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
8 August 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
8 August 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
8 August 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
8 August 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
8 August 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
8 August 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
8 August 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
8 August 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
8 August 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
8 August 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
8 August 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
15 August 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
15 August 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
15 August 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
15 August 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
15 August 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
15 August 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
15 August 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
15 August 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
15 August 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
15 August 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
15 August 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
22 August 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
22 August 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
22 August 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
22 August 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
22 August 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
22 August 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
22 August 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
22 August 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
22 August 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
22 August 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
22 August 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
29 August 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
29 August 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
29 August 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
29 August 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
29 August 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
29 August 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
29 August 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
29 August 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
29 August 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
29 August 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
29 August 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
5 September 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
5 September 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
5 September 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
5 September 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
5 September 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
5 September 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
5 September 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
5 September 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
5 September 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
5 September 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
5 September 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
12 September 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
12 September 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
12 September 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
12 September 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
12 September 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
12 September 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
12 September 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
12 September 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
12 September 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
12 September 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
12 September 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
19 September 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
19 September 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
19 September 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
19 September 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
19 September 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
19 September 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
19 September 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
19 September 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
19 September 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
19 September 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
19 September 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
26 September 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
26 September 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
26 September 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
26 September 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
26 September 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
26 September 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
26 September 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
26 September 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
26 September 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
26 September 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
26 September 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
3 October 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
3 October 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
3 October 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
3 October 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
3 October 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
3 October 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
3 October 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
3 October 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
3 October 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
3 October 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
3 October 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
10 October 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
10 October 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
10 October 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
10 October 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
10 October 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
10 October 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
10 October 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
10 October 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
10 October 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
10 October 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
10 October 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
17 October 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
17 October 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
17 October 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
17 October 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
17 October 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
17 October 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
17 October 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
17 October 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
17 October 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
17 October 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
17 October 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
24 October 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
24 October 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
24 October 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
24 October 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
24 October 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
24 October 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
24 October 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
24 October 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
24 October 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
24 October 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
24 October 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
31 October 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
31 October 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
31 October 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
31 October 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
31 October 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
31 October 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
31 October 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
31 October 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
31 October 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
31 October 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
31 October 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
7 November 20162 weeks$1,159AvailableBook now
7 November 20163 weeks$1,409AvailableBook now
7 November 20164 weeks$1,649AvailableBook now
7 November 20165 weeks$1,889AvailableBook now
7 November 20166 weeks$2,099AvailableBook now
7 November 20167 weeks$2,279AvailableBook now
7 November 20168 weeks$2,469AvailableBook now
7 November 20169 weeks$2,639AvailableBook now
7 November 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
7 November 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
7 November 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now
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26 December 201610 weeks$2,819AvailableBook now
26 December 201611 weeks$3,009AvailableBook now
26 December 201612 weeks$3,189AvailableBook now

What will I be doing?

  • Volunteer Role (2 - 12 weeks)

  • Extra-curricular activities (4 - 12 weeks)

  • School holidays (4-12 weeks)

  • There's more to explore.... (Weekends)

Volunteer Role: 2 - 12 weeks

Next Leg

Destination info

Malawi is a small and beautiful country in Southern Africa, renowned for having some of friendliest people and a huge diversity of scenery. Malawi has it all, from palm-lined beaches to remote wilderness and safaris. The country is dominated by Lake Malawi, stretching 500km down the Eastern border, estimated to take up about one third of Malawi’s size.

The project is located on the shores of Lake Malawi close to the town of Monkey Bay. Around 200km from the capital, Lilongwe, Monkey Bay is one of the main ports on the beautiful lake. Still, clear waters and golden beaches are at your doorstep as well as the nearby village of Cape Maclear. Nearby attractions include National Parks and the Mulanje Massif.

  • Location: Monkey Bay

As a volunteer on this project you will work in one of the local schools, where you will be teaching core subjects to children of all different ages and levels. There will be local members of staff in the class with you. The class size in normally up to 200 students, so it is advisable that the class is split between you and your fellow volunteers so there is the opportunity for closer one to one interaction.

The main subject that you will teach will be English, then Maths. You may get involved in other academic subjects though this will depend on what the teacher is teaching at the time. If you are creative you can plan your own lessons to incorporate pretty much anything.

Extra-curricular activities: 4 - 12 weeks

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Destination info

Malawi is a small and beautiful country in Southern Africa, renowned for having some of friendliest people and a huge diversity of scenery. Malawi has it all, from palm-lined beaches to remote wilderness and safaris. The country is dominated by Lake Malawi, stretching 500km down the Eastern border, estimated to take up about one third of Malawi’s size.

The project is located on the shores of Lake Malawi close to the town of Monkey Bay. Around 200km from the capital, Lilongwe, Monkey Bay is one of the main ports on the beautiful lake. Still, clear waters and golden beaches are at your doorstep as well as the nearby village of Cape Maclear. Nearby attractions include National Parks and the Mulanje Massif.

  • Location: Monkey Bay

In the afternoon, after your school teaching session and after a well-deserved lunch break, you will be involved in extra-curricular activities with the children, such as teaching additional lessons or teaching sports.

You will ideally go back around three afternoons per week to do additional lessons with the children. We recommend that you try and identify those children who would benefit from extra help to take part in the additional afternoon lessons. You will be able to use the library and the classrooms during this time.

You can also teach additional lessons such as sports if you wish. Football is by far the most popular sport in Malawi, as in much of Africa and netball is also played by many of the girls; with the schools having teams for both sports. Other sports, such as volleyball, rounders and badminton are also offered on an informal basis, due to a lack of equipment and knowledge of these sports.

The schools also run wildlife and conservation clubs, where pupils learn about conservation and how to preserve and protect the wildlife of Malawi. This occasionally includes educational visits to National Parks and game reserves where the children gain an insight into the importance of Malawi’s natural areas, though this work could certainly be instigated and further developed by you.

Please note: As a volunteer you will need to be creative and proactive to get involved in the extra activities- the school is really in need of your help and with a bit of initiative and determination, many of the extra activities can be carried out.

School holidays: 4-12 weeks

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Destination info

Malawi is a small and beautiful country in Southern Africa, renowned for having some of friendliest people and a huge diversity of scenery. Malawi has it all, from palm-lined beaches to remote wilderness and safaris. The country is dominated by Lake Malawi, stretching 500km down the Eastern border, estimated to take up about one third of Malawi’s size.

The project is located on the shores of Lake Malawi close to the town of Monkey Bay. Around 200km from the capital, Lilongwe, Monkey Bay is one of the main ports on the beautiful lake. Still, clear waters and golden beaches are at your doorstep as well as the nearby village of Cape Maclear. Nearby attractions include National Parks and the Mulanje Massif.

  • Location: Monkey Bay

In Malawi there are three school terms each year, the dates of which vary each year and are often not confirmed until the last minute. As a general guideline the terms are as follows:


First term: 14 weeks, from early-September to mid-December.
Second term: 12 weeks, from early January to the end of March.
Third term: 13 weeks, from mid-April to mid-July.


During the school vacations there is still a need for volunteers, as you may help out with organise holiday classes and activities for the children with the objective of keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. During this time you can get involved with many other activities such as working at a childcare centre educating the children, assisting with building projects or extra curricular activities in the library at the school can be held for summer classes. In addition you may coach sports to the local teams, teach art and music as well as spending your time interacting with the children. There is much less structure to these activities therefore you should be prepared to work hard to think up ways to entice the children to come into school and you should expect to be creative and motivated to implement your own ideas with the children each day.

There's more to explore....: Weekends

Destination info

Malawi is a small and beautiful country in Southern Africa, renowned for having some of friendliest people and a huge diversity of scenery. Malawi has it all, from palm-lined beaches to remote wilderness and safaris. The country is dominated by Lake Malawi, stretching 500km down the Eastern border, estimated to take up about one third of Malawi’s size.

The project is located on the shores of Lake Malawi close to the town of Monkey Bay. Around 200km from the capital, Lilongwe, Monkey Bay is one of the main ports on the beautiful lake. Still, clear waters and golden beaches are at your doorstep as well as the nearby village of Cape Maclear. Nearby attractions include National Parks and the Mulanje Massif. 

  • Location: Malawi

During your placement in Malawi you will be staying in a lovely volunteer house located right on the shores of Lake Malawi!

You’ll have free time during the evenings and a weekends and the beach, right outside the garden, is the perfect place to chill out and take in the beautiful surroundings.

At weekends, you may like to venture further afield and explore more of what this incredible country has to offer. Our fantastic in-country team are on hand to assist you in arranging some great weekend excursions! Some of the most popular excursions include…

Cape Maclear – another lakeshore village near to Monkey Bay, makes the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend break. Enjoy fantastic boat rides, snorkelling and traditional BBQ’s and experience a different area of Lake Malawi.

Liwonde National Park – a fantastic weekend away to explore one of Malawi’s beautiful National Parks. Just south of our projects in Monkey Bay, Liwonde National Park makes for a great weekend getaway– go on a game drive, boat safari and guided bush walk and try and spot majestic Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Waterbuck, various Antelope species, Zebra, Eland, Bushbabies, Jackals, Lion and Leopard, as well as aan abundance of bird life.


In addition to a number of different weekend excursions there are also lots of different day trip options, including visits to a nearby hotel resort complex to chill out by the pool and make use of the sports facilities. Or how about kicking back at a cultural party, experience traditional Malawian food, entertainment and a whole lot of fun!


Excursions are not included in the programme and will be at your own additional cost, should you wish to participate. All excursions should be arranged in-country with our local team who will be more than happy to assist you and make suggestions to help you make the most of your time in Malawi!

Trip Notes Download

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To get a detailed PDF of information for this trip including full itinerary, country guides and travel advice on visas, money, insurance and the local weather, download our trip notes. By doing so you’ll also be kept updated on all the latest news, offers and stories on this particular trip. Happy reading!

What's included?

  • Airport transfers,
  • Orientation on arrival,
  • All accommodation,
  • Full support and assistance from your co-ordinator throughout your time in Malawi,
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day,
  • 24-hour emergency support number

What's not included?

  • Travel insurance
  • All flights
  • Visas
  • Any transfer fees, if arriving/departing outside of the set dates

Additional Information & FAQs

Minimum age

Minimum 17 years with written parental consent, maximum decided on potential participants’ health.


Minimum numbers required on this trip

There are no minimum numbers on the trip.

Please note: you may be the only volunteer at your chosen project at any one time. However, each of our Malawi volunteer projects share the same accommodation. Therefore, if there are volunteers on our other programmes you will be able to spend your spare time and evenings with them. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us



You will stay in a very comfortable, shared volunteer house, within a 25 minute walk to one of the schools. Transport is provided to you for schools further away. Situated on the beach off Lake Malawi, just 11km south of Monkey Bay Town, the house has great views out over the lake. The property is fenced, gated and has a lovely big green garden.

Bedrooms are dormitory style and there is running water, a cold shower and western style toilets. Whilst both electricity and water are pretty reliable there is the odd power cut and water shortage from time to time, that you should be aware of.

The house has staff that includes a cook, a housekeeper (volunteers are expected to do their bit to keep the house clean and tidy) and there is also a night watchman.



All of your three meals a day are provided. Breakfast is usually a get your own toast or porridge affair, though there might be the odd occasion when the cook treats you. Lunch is either packed or get your own (if you plan on returning to the house at lunchtime). The cook will prepare the evening meal for you.


Please Note: The fridge in the house is used to store the food from which your meals are prepared each day as well as additional drinks that you will be able to purchase from the staff. You are welcome to buy your own food/ snacks and drinks but you must be aware that you will not be able to store them in the fridge.


Advice & Safety

Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay.


We have a customer operations team here in the office who who will be able to answer any questions that you might have please feel free to contact them via email or phone at any time before you go, or when you are on your travels.


In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency contact number so you can contact one of our staff at any time should you need to.


Please also note: Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) is an infection that occurs in fresh water lakes, ponds, rivers and streams and is present in Lake Malawi. Schistosomiasis is transmitted to humans through contact with fresh water. Please make sure that you are aware of how to avoid it and make yourself familiar with the symptoms. The team in country will cover this topic in your orientation so please don’t worry however for more information before you travel please follow the link below or speak to your doctor.



1. I do not have a TEFL can I still take part?

A TEFL programme is always a help but you can take part in the programme without any set formal qualifications.


2. How many others are there taking part?

For most months there are between 6 and 8 taking part, however all the volunteers on Malawi options meet up and get together.


3. What is the accommodation like?

The house is situated right on the beach of Lake Malawi about 7km south of Monkey Bay Town, so you can sit and gaze out over the waters. The property is fenced and gated and has a large green garden.


4. What are the food arrangements?

Three meals per day are provided. Breakfast is usually on a self-service basis, consisting of toast or porridge, although the cook may treat you occasionally. Lunch will either be a packed lunch, or self-service if you plan to return to the house at lunchtime. The cook will prepare the evening meal for you.


5. Do I need to take a sleeping bag with me?

Yes, especially for weekend trips.


6. Do I need to take a mosquito net?

Yes, you will need to take a net with you as they aren't provided.


7. Will there be a safe/safety deposit box available?

Yes, there is a safety deposit box at the volunteer house where you can keep your valuables.



This trip requires a Police Check to be carried out - please contact us for further information on how to do this. 

What will I see in Malawi?

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Malawi Teaching Volunteers

Ella Comrie%20 - August 2013

How would you rate your overall experience?
Give us up to 10 words that sum up your experience: for example - "Great experience, made new friends, totally unforgettable!"

Malawi - unforgettable experience that made a difference to the local community

Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the accuracy of your pre-departure information
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
Please rate your airport pickup (where applicable)
Please rate your in-country orientation
What were the highlights of your trip?

Because I was there for 12 weeks I was really able to become part of the Local community. The children in my school really respected me and the relationship that grew from it was wonderful. the children always put 110% in and they made me very proud I was also able to try the other projects so it was good to be able to try a bit of everything. The trips were incredible especially the wildlife park in Liwonde where we saw elephants and hippos and many species of birds and deer

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

1- Do not take travellers cheques, they are NOT accepted in Malawi 2- get ready to try something new and different 3- Have an amazing time!!

Malawi Teaching Volunteers2013-08-21

Jessie Green - July 2011

How would you rate your overall experience?
Give us up to 10 words that sum up your experience: for example - "Great experience, made new friends, totally unforgettable!"

This trip was the best thing I have ever done!

Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
What were the highlights of your trip?

The trip was one massive highlight! Meeting some amazing people - both locals and volunteers - has to be top of the list. Teaching was amazing and a real eye-opener. Going to the orphanages was a lot of fun too.

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

1. Come to Africa with an open mind and a laid-back, relaxed attitude to match that of the locals. 2. Record your trip in as much detail as possible - a camera is a must and a journal is a great idea. 3. Try to brings some things to donate if you can.

Malawi Teaching Volunteers2011-07-04

Emily Chapman - July 2011

How would you rate your overall experience?
Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
What were the highlights of your trip?

Seeing my class of 90 11-18 year olds carrying out the task I had set was amazing! Malawi is such a beautiful country and the people are the friendliest I've ever met!

Malawi Teaching Volunteers2011-07-04

Aristea Bitsakaki - July 2011

How would you rate your overall experience?
Give us up to 10 words that sum up your experience: for example - "Great experience, made new friends, totally unforgettable!"

Best time of my life so far I am going back for sure!

Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
What were the highlights of your trip?

I have never had an experience quite like this one. I enjoyed every aspect of the voluntary work so thank you very much! I got a chance to work in orphanages which I absolutely loved. Handing out porrdge and singing witht he children. Meeting the most amazing group of people in the Volunteer house and sharing great memories of weekend excursions to spectacular locations. My favourite location was Cape Maclear in Malawi - We went swimming with beautiful fish and stayed in Fat Monkeys which was fantastic accomodation. Meeting lots of friends from the village and sitting with them by the lake once project was over that day. Teaching to my English class in MTO school and throwing them a Good Bye party. My Art class in Kankanda school was so well - behaved, it was a joy to do creative work with them and see their faces light up. My fondest memory was my last week at this school, with a fellow volunteer - the class chanted and danced and hugged me good bye.

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

Give yourself time to adjust when you enter the volunteer house and remember that you are there to be a volunteer and the social aspect is not the most important one. Athough you are going to meet the best of friends. Mine arrived on my 2nd week there. In Malawi most adults want an English Dictionary and I will certainly remember to take a few the next time I go. Work hard in projects and plan your day the night before. It is rewarding to see a person smile at the work you put in and you will leave Malawi knowing that you've made a difference.

Malawi Teaching Volunteers2011-07-04

Rachel Crozier - July 2011

How would you rate your overall experience?
Give us up to 10 words that sum up your experience: for example - "Great experience, made new friends, totally unforgettable!"

Experience of a lifetime Wonderful classes Incredible people Beautiful country

Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
What were the highlights of your trip?

The entire trip was a highlight! My mornings were spent at Monkey Bay Primary School, where I taught English to two classes in Standard 5, with almost 100 children in each class. The children were so wonderful to teach and I enjoyed every minute I spent with them. The confidence I gained was obviously a highlight too!! Spending Christmas and New Year in Malawi was absolutely brilliant. It was fantastic to get away from all the festive extravagance and get back to the real meaning of Christmas and to spend it with such a fab bunch of people too. I made some fantastic mates. The activities I participated in the afternoon varied, which was great. Once a week I taught English to the orphanage teacher and some of her friends, and did a Computer Club with the staff at both Monkey Bay School and the house where we lived. I also did a Creative Arts Club twice a week. This was originally an Environment Club, but I didn

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

Go with an open mind and expect the unexpected Make the most of the opportunity, enjoy every minute and just throw yourself into Malawian life Don't take any white clothing (t shirts in particular) as they will never be white again!!!

Malawi Teaching Volunteers2011-07-04


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