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Melbourne is the perfect blend of culture and commerce. An international internship in Melbourne gives you the chance to work in the skyscrapers, ride the trams and relax on the beaches of this dynamic and diverse city. Melbourne is the home for your ambitions and adventures as you launch your career in this friendly and exciting location.


Melbourne is a commercial powerhouse, Australia's busiest port, and home to the headquarters of five of Australia's ten largest corporations. It is also Australia's artistic heart and the centre of its creative industries. It is a leader in biotechnology, publishing, finance, fashion, logistics, technology, marketing and many other industries. Our Melbourne internship program allows interns to fast-track their career in a globalised contex, building the international networks and experiences that are a foundation for future leaders.


Placement Requirements

Advised experience/qualifications: University students/graduates/postgraduates with a keen interest and skills in their chosen sector. A degree is not essential, but will help when finding a suitable placement. In addition, we value academic excellence, the ability to think outside the box, cultural sensitivity, open mindedness and an international outlook.

Nationalities: This programme is open to all nationalities (subject to visa requirements)

Typical hours: Monday - Friday, 7-8 hours per day

Remuneration: Unpaid position


When do I want to go?

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5 September 20156 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
5 September 20158 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
5 September 201510 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
5 September 201512 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
5 September 201516 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
5 September 201520 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
5 September 201524 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
3 October 20156 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
3 October 20158 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
3 October 201510 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
3 October 201512 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
3 October 201516 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
3 October 201520 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
3 October 201524 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
7 November 20156 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
7 November 20158 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
7 November 201510 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
7 November 201512 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
7 November 201516 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
7 November 201520 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
7 November 201524 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
5 December 20156 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
5 December 20158 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
5 December 201510 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
5 December 201512 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
5 December 201516 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
5 December 201520 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
5 December 201524 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
2 January 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
2 January 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
2 January 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
2 January 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
2 January 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
2 January 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
2 January 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
9 January 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
9 January 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
9 January 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
9 January 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
9 January 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
9 January 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
9 January 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
6 February 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
6 February 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
6 February 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
6 February 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
6 February 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
6 February 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
6 February 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
5 March 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
5 March 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
5 March 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
5 March 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
5 March 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
5 March 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
5 March 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
2 April 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
2 April 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
2 April 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
2 April 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
2 April 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
2 April 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
2 April 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
7 May 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
7 May 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
7 May 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
7 May 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
7 May 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
7 May 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
7 May 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
4 June 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
4 June 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
4 June 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
4 June 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
4 June 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
4 June 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
4 June 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
2 July 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
2 July 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
2 July 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
2 July 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
2 July 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
2 July 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
2 July 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
6 August 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
6 August 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
6 August 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
6 August 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
6 August 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
6 August 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
6 August 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
3 September 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
3 September 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
3 September 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
3 September 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
3 September 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
3 September 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
3 September 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now
1 October 20166 weeks$4,395AvailableBook now
1 October 20168 weeks$5,275AvailableBook now
1 October 201610 weeks$6,399AvailableBook now
1 October 201612 weeks$7,299AvailableBook now
1 October 201616 weeks$8,795AvailableBook now
1 October 201620 weeks$9,939AvailableBook now
1 October 201624 weeks$11,135AvailableBook now

What will I be doing?

  • Your Internship Placement

  • About Melbourne

  • It's not all work

  • Application process

Your Internship Placement:

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The Melbourne internship program includes quality accommodation, trips, insider tips, social events and 24/7 local support. We provide you with a seamless transition to working life and ensure that you have all the support that you need to settle in your placement. Our program is designed to ensure you get the most from your experience in this incredible city. A placement in Melbourne is a catalyst for your career. We offer internships at fantastic companies and NGOs throughout Melbourne and partner with industry leaders and innovators across all sectors. CV/resume workshops, professional development tools, career coaching and seminars are all included in the program to make sure you have both the structure and confidence to realize your potential in an international context.


The type of work you will be doing during your internship will vary hugely according to the sector, company and organisation in which you are placed. When you apply we will talk through your preferences, motivaions and future career aspirations to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for from your placement. If you should have any special requirements, we will take these into account when arranging your internship.


We have successfully arranged internship placements with leading companies and organisations across a very wide range of sectors. You can do an internship in almost any sector you want including, but not limited to;

  • Art 
  • Photography and design 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Fashion 
  • Hospitality and tourism 
  • International business 
  • IT 
  • NGOs
  • PR and marketing

And many more, just give us a call for details.


About Melbourne:

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The Economist Intelligence Unit has named Melbourne the world's most livable city for the last three years running. The welcoming atmoshere, extensive transport system and the huge variety of parks and green spaces in the 'garden state' ensure this enviable status. Melbourne is a young and vibrant city with 42% of its residents born overseas and a median age of 28. This fresh, cosmopolitan context provides the ideal setting for your international internship program.


Melbourne is one of the world's most wealthy per capita cities, is home to Australia's top ranked University and is Australia's cultural capital. It also boasts the highest density of commercial art galleries and museums in the world. The multicultural, hospitable city centre is surrounded by national parks, beautiful beaches, vineyards and rainforests. Whether you want to visit the penguins at Phillip Island, tour the regions great vineyards or drive the Great Ocean Road, the opportunity for adventure is never far away. Melbourne is also Australia's sporting capital and is home to a full calendar of sporting events including the Australian Open Tennis Tournament and the Melbourne Cup. 


At just under 200 years old, Melbourne is relatively young, but the discovery of gold in the region at the end of the 19th century shone a spotlight on the Victorian state capital inciting massive waves of immigration and propelling Melbourne to become the richest city in the world by 1890. Today mining is still a major contributor to a growing economy, but Melbourne has a well-diversified industrial base. The opulent colonial buildings of the gold rush era offer a pretty contrast to the modern skyscrapers of the multinational corporations in the Central Business District. Melbourne has fully embraced the increasingly globalised workplace, fostered a young and dynamic business sector and is proud of the rich history that makes this Australian city such a fascinating place. 


The evidence of Melbourne's role as Australia's centre of trade and opportunity is abundantly clear in its busy port, beautiful architecture and buzzing restaurant and arts scenes. Culturally diverse, as an Asian focused export giant, yet anchored strongly in its European roots, Melbourne is the junction where East meets West. Melbourne is the quintessential Australian city and the ultimate location for your international internship.


It's not all work:

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Our Melbourne full-time team are incredibly proud of the city and they want to show you why! From organising your airport pick-up to arranging your accommodation, they will ensure you have everything you need for your arrival to help you settle in to this great city and feel at ease.


Our team will show you the best that Melbourne has to offer. The internship program includes the following events, free of charge to all participants:

  • Welcome lunch
  • City tour
  • Eureka SkyDeck and Edge Experience
  • Food, wine and wildlife tour
  • Phillip Island and Penguin Parade trip 

In addition to these free events, we also organise regular optional activities on a weekly basis, including visits to museums, cinemas, bars and restaurants.


At all times of the year we have large numbers of talented participants on our programs from all over the world. You will immediately become part of an international community, providing you with friends and networks to last a lifetime!


Application process:

Step 1: Application

To apply for this internship we ask you to either call us or apply online using the link below. When you apply we will ask you for your emergency contact details, passport number and for details on your health background and other important information. At this stage a deposit payment is requested. This deposit is non-refundable, unless our team in Melbourne declines your application. You will need to supply the following:


• A completed application form (provided upon deposit payment)
• Current CV /resume detailing your work and study history

Note: If your internship is part of your university course, and requires accreditation, this can easily be arranged. We request a letter from your tutor supporting your application for an internship.

Step 2: Telephone/Skype interview with our Internship Coordinator


Once we have your application pack we will contact you to arrange an informal interview with our internship coordinator who will be your main point of contact before you leave for Melbourne.

Step 3: Accepting the placement


We will send you a formal offer letter for you to sign, along with a clear summary of the types of roles you will be involved with during your internship.


Step 4: Interview with your host company


Your internship coordinator will arrange a date and time for an interview with your host company.


Step 5: Payment of full program fees and sign placement description and agreement

At this stage we will help you to organise a suitable visa to enable you to work in Melbourne. 

Info Pack Download

Download Info Pack

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Info Packs include a full itinerary, country guides and travel advice on visas, money, insurance and the local weather. By filling in your details you'll also be kept updated on all the latest news, offers and stories on this particular trip. Happy reading!

What's included?

  • Top internship
  • World class accommodation (private en-suite bedroom in a great area)
  • Professional development tools and training (run by local experts and entrepreneurs)
  • Industry-leading workplace performance assessment (created by global HR firm DDI International)
  • Expert training materials on key topics to help you get the most out of your internship experience)
  • Fantastic tour of the city of Melbourne
  • Airport pick-up (private car to take you from the airport and direct to your apartment upon arrival)
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from local staff
  • Pre-trip welcome pack
  • Welcome orientation on your first day
  • Welcome package including city maps, welcome drink and important program information
  • An active international community of interns in Melbourne with regular events and activities organised
  • Visa assistance (where required)
  • Academic credit assistance (where required)
  • Food, wine and wildlife tour
  • Phillip Island and Penguin Parade trip
  • Eureka SkyDeck experience
  • Leaving dinner

What's not included?

  • Your flights to Melbourne
  • Your meals and personal expenses while on the program
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa application fees (if applicable)
  • Daily transportation from your accommodation to your internship

Additional Information

Minimum age

The minimum age on these programmes is 18, the maximum age is 30.



Our accommodation in Melbourne is top-of-the-line, giving you a place to call home during your time abroad and the freedom to worry about what really matters - making the most of your stay in this amazing city!


All of our interns are provided with a 10m sq. room with a private shower room/WC in safe and comfortable accommodation within easy reach of the city centre. Free internet is available, allowing you to keep in touch with friends and family as you begin life in your new city.


Linen set up, kitchen welcome pack, a fortnightly clean, all utilities and a widesreen TV are included as standard, allowing you to relax and settle into your new home quickly and hit the ground running as you begin your new internship.


The accommodation is close to tram and train links and a free shuttle bus to the city centre is provided. The complex includes two restaurants, a free gym, sauna and swimming pool. A bar overlooks the pool to share a tea or beer with your fellow interns as you swap your experiences and make new friends on your international internship in Melbourne. 




Meals are not included in your program cost. The accommodation provided is self-catering.


Is this trip for you?

This trip is ideal for those who are keen to learn and expand thier knowledge and experience within their industry. This is a practical programme that is designed to give you the best experience possible.


As an intern you will need to be flexible and proactive to get the most of your placement. Our placement consultants will guide you through the placement and continuously monitor your progress to ensure your learning goals are met.


Our Money Back Guarantee

When you apply you are asked to state your primary & secondary areas of interest (for example, primary preference: law, secondary preference: government & politics). You will be given the chance to discuss and confirm these sector choices during the phone/Skype interview with our Admissions Team. Successful applicants are guaranteed a top internship in their primary or secondary area of interest.


We are highly experienced in internship placement and pride ourselves on successful matches between our participants and our partner companies. All companies we work with are extensively vetted to make sure they provide a rewarding internship experience for our talented participants. Our confidence in our program is demonstrated by our full money back guarantee.


Our program comes with a full money back guarantee if you are not placed in your primary or secondary area of interest. This gives you peace of mind that you will have a fantastic internship experience abroad. It should be noted that the vast majority of interns receive their primary preference area.


Our money back guarantee ends once you have formally accepted a placement offer after your interview with the host company.

Advice & Safety

Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay.


You will be assigned a personal travel advisor who will co-ordinate your programme with you. Feel free to contact them at any time before you go, or when you are on your travels.


In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency contact number so you can contact one of our UK staff at any time should you need to.


What will I see in Melbourne?

28 photos


1. Are these internships paid?

Our internship opportunities in Melbourne are unpaid due to immigration laws and local norms. Interns will receive academic credit of desired


2. Why should I join this program?

This program is an investment in your future and will give you a substantial advantage. International, blue chip work experience will significantly aid you when searching for long-term employment. You will have demonstrated the ability to think outside the box and handle another culture and language while working for a highly respected name. And the above doesn't even touch on the your personal development and the fun you will have!


3. When is the deadline to apply?

Our programs start every month of the year. We accept applicants on a rolling basis. We recommend applying at least 2 months before your preferred start date. In high season (May, June, July & August start-dates) we recommend applying at least 3 months before your preferred start date.


4. Do I need a degree to apply for an internship?

No. A degree is not essential, although will help when finding a suitable internship and will make the placement process easier.


5. Can I see a list of employers or choose to intern at a specific company?

We do not provide a list of partner companies. Firstly, our list of partner companies is not static. We often partner with new companies if they would be a better match for a participant. We have dedicated out-reach teams, working on our participants´ accounts, in all program destinations, meaning our list of partners is constantly growing and evolving. Secondly, we do not provide a list as interns then attempt to “pick and choose” which companies they specifically want to work for. This promotes unrealistic expectations, as partner company needs, your wishes & background and external factors such as timing are all taken into account during internship-placement. If you are accepted into our program you are guaranteed a great role in your area of interest. However, due to the factors listed above a specific company cannot be guaranteed.


6. What hours can I expect to work?

Typically, participants work an average work week of no more than 40 hours. The company at which you are interning will set your work hours but the majority of internships will take place between 9 am and 5 pm.


7. Can I obtain academic credit?

If you need this internship for a university course or module, we will ensure that you secure academic credit.


8. When will I find out where my internship will be?

Our Melbourne Team will engage in a collaborative internship placement process with you and confirm your internship role typically around four to six weeks before your departure date. Please note this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons.


9. Is attendance at our events mandatory?

All of our events and activities that we organize are optional, but your internship is not. You may not miss work for any reason other than health and family emergencies unless previously approved by your employer.


10. What happens when I arrive in Melbourne?

You will be picked up by our trusted driver on arrival in Melbourne and given a welcome pack & induction by our team at your accommodation. In case you arrive in Melbourne after 11pm local time your welcome pack and induction will be given to you in the morning the next day.


11. Can I live with a friend or family member and take the housing out of the cost?

We are generally unable to remove any elements from our all-inclusive programs. The employers we work with depend and ask for this service as it guarantees your reliability. However, if you have particular needs please do contact us.



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