Ghana Experience

Spend three fun filled weeks in one of Africa’s friendliest countries whilst experiencing its rich and diverse culture and unique ...

Medical Elective in Ghana

Experience/ Qualifications required: No experience required. Placements will be tailored according to your knowledge and experience in this field. Nationalities: This ...

Ghana Childcare Volunteers

An exciting and thoroughly rewarding experience awaits you when you decide to become a childcare volunteer in Ghana. Like many ...

Journalism and Media Internship in Ghana

Experience/ Qualifications required: Undergraduate or Graduate in Journalism with a keen interest in TV, Radio and Newspaper Journalism. Nationalities: This programme ...

Physiotherapy Internship in Ghana

Experience/ Qualifications required: Undergraduate or graduate in physiotherapy with a keen interest in sports and clinical Physio. Nationalities: This programme is ...

Ghana Teaching Volunteers

Get a real sense of achievement and become a teaching volunteer in Ghana. Many schools in Ghana are hugely underfunded ...

Ghana Tennis Coaching

Fancy playing and coaching tennis abroad? Yeah, we thought so! Practise your forehand in Africa by volunteering in schools and ...

Ghana Rugby Coaching

Over the past few years Rugby has been introduced into the Ghanan sports scene, and with great success too! However ...

Ghana Netball Coaching

Netball is one of Ghana's up and coming sports, and on our Netball Coaching programme you'll get the chance to ...

Ghana Hockey Coaching

The popularity of hockey over the last few years has sharply increased in Ghana- with some schools participating in leagues, ...

Ghana Football Coaching

Loved throughout the country, football is Ghana's number one sport, and it's not exactly hard to see why! (Who doesn't ...


Gap year Ghana

Ghana is one of the most popular gap year destinations in Africa, and little wonder. Along with a varied landscape, it’s a settled country with a stable democracy, and one that’s keen to modernise. You’ll find an intriguing mix of traditional West African and old colonial, all updated with a busy modern twist. This gives it a unique character, exemplified by the brightly coloured traditional clothing seen alongside Western suits in the cities.

Adventure travel Ghana

Because Ghana is near the equator, it offers an amazing array of terrains to explore whikle you travel. You can find adventure in deep tropical forests, where the wildlife includes everything from the fearsome forest elephant to darting colobus monkeys, or relax on the miles of gorgeous beaches, where an alternative surf scene comes with the hot climate you need to enjoy it properly.

Student travel Ghana

Safe, friendly and rapidly modernising, Ghana is a great place for students to travel. As well as the outdoor activity, it has a rich history, including a dark past as one of the points in the triangular slave trade, which can be explored at Cape Coast, the centre of the trade. There’s a thriving music scene here too, particularly in the capital, Accra, where old-school hi-life mixes with hip hop and Afro reggae to make hip-life.

Volunteer work Ghana

Going to Ghana as a student volunteer is a great way to make a contribution to a developing country, and you’ll see real results even on a short visit. You can care for children in orphanages, help out with volunteer work on healthcare projects or teach in local schools.

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Ghana Netball Coaching

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Ghana Netball Coaching

Netball is one of Ghana's up and coming sports, and on our Netball Coaching programme you'll get the chance to portray your love for the sport to a host of eager young Ghanian's who want to learn more about netball. It also provides a great chance to get a host of young children into sport, which may not be possible without the help of the projects and volunteers alike. 

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