What kind of gap year is best for you?

What kind of gap year is best for you?

What kind of gap year is best for you?

The kind of travel ideas you come up with for where to go will depend on the type of person you are. If languages aren't your forte and you're good with a surf board then somewhere like Costa Rica is an ideal option! If, on the other hand, your gap year ideas involve visiting somewhere a little more adventurous and off the beaten track then places like China, Ecuador and Namibia, to give just a few examples, are better options. The key with narrowing down your gap year is to choose your trip carefully; here are a few tips to help you out...


Get a second and third opinion!


Ask your family and friends for advice. They should be able to give you objective input on your skills and capabilities. Ultimately, though, if something feels right, go for it! Our travel advisers can help you out at any time, with questions about programmes or recommendations.


To rough it or not to rough it!


Some of the accommodation in our programmes can be quite basic, like huts or camping. For many gap year students, going back to nature in basic accommodation is fantastic and sleeping under the stars is one of the highlights, but if you've hated every camping trip you've ever been on, it might not your cup of tea.


Ask a Real Gap Experience adviser about programmes that include more comfortable accommodation, like specially built lodges, volunteer houses with good facilities or some home stays.


Are you in the money?


Money will be a big part of your travels so it's best to start saving as soon as you can and perhaps suggest a contribution if people ask you what you'd like as a birthday or Christmas present. Working is the obvious solution but you don't have to do it at home. We have programmes that help you find casual paid work overseas, and teaching in China. Some of them even include a guaranteed job offer, so you'll be sure of an income. The money you earn can be used to fund another programme or independent travelling.


Little people, big people or no people at all?


Some people love children and working with them and others don't! There are options and opportunities to help people of all ages. If you don't fancy teaching teenagers, you could help take care of babies, or work with adults. Some of our projects involve work with mentally or physically handicapped children and adults - these projects do require patience but are extremely rewarding.


Trips for Animal lovers


If you're more of an animal person than a people person then conservation might be for you. We have loads of projects that work with all kinds of animals but they do require dedication.


Sweat, sun and sand or something more sedate


You don't have to be a marathon runner to choose a sporty gap year, but you do need a certain level of fitness - i.e. not collapsing after you've run up the stairs and a willingness to take on physical challenges. If you used every excuse you could to get out of PE at school and hate the thought of having wet hair, Costa Rica Water Sports Adventure probably isn't for you. That said, not being fit isn't a reason to dismiss sports travel - it could be the motivation you need to get fit!

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