School leavers

School leavers

Advice for school leavers

You may be looking at deferred entry or taking a gap year. This section provides specific advice on the options, and how taking a gap year after leaving high school is most definitely a good thing!


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 What are the advantages of deferring a place at university?


You don't need to be a Math major to work out that postponing university gives you 15 or so months to do something different, new and even life-chaniging. By deferring and taking a gap year, you're giving yourself a chance to do something unusual and rewarding - like taking time out to go traveling, trying out new things, discovering different cultures or getting paid work abroad to help you at college.


Plus! Taking a gap year often helps people mature and become more confident and able to deal with the demands of college.


What do colleges think about deferring a place?


Most colleges agree with us, and believe that applying for deferred entry and taking a gap year allows students to have a worthwhile, constructive experience. 


Putting a Gap Year on your Resume


Your gap year is likely to be one of the best experiences of your life and with a little bit of thought, you can make it work for you for years to come - something you might want to bear in mind over the next 12 months.


After college, or perhaps even during it, you'll be applying for jobs and your gap year can add a bit of sparkle to your resume. Employers look for people with transferable skills who've done something different, your resume will show employers that you're a bright, independent-thinking and motivated people-person whom they should be desperate to employ.

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