Experience Indochina

From $1,840, 26 days, across Cambodia, Thailand, & Vietnam Trip code: TKRNC

  • Adventure 2 out of 5
  • Relaxation 2 out of 5
  • Culture 2 out of 5
Experience IndochinaExperience IndochinaExperience Indochina

Trip Highlights

  • Take a remork to explore the Angkor temples
  • Experience rural village life at a Cambodian homestay
  • Explore Sihanoukville's tropical surrounds
  • Delve into Khmer history in Phnom Penh
  • Soak up the energy of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Relax on Nha Trang's beaches
  • Stroll the atmospheric streets of Hoi An
  • Discover Vietnam's Buddhist heart
  • Cruise peaceful Halong Bay
  • Experience the French air of Hanoi

Trip Summary

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From the cool calm of rural villages to the steaming chaos of thriving cities, experience the diversity of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Along the way, revel in the sheer beauty of the landscape, the friendliness of the locals and the intriguing ancient traditions that give each country its unique flavour.

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10 August 2016Experience Indochina$1,890AvailableBook now
7 September 2016Experience Indochina$1,840AvailableBook now
11 September 2016Experience Indochina$1,915AvailableBook now
28 September 2016Experience Indochina$1,880AvailableBook now
12 October 2016Experience Indochina$1,915AvailableBook now
19 October 2016Experience Indochina$1,915AvailableBook now
2 November 2016Experience Indochina$1,915AvailableBook now
9 November 2016Experience Indochina$1,915AvailableBook now
13 November 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
23 November 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
30 November 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
2 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
7 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
14 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
16 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
21 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,985AvailableBook now
25 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,840AvailableBook now
28 December 2016Experience Indochina$1,840AvailableBook now
4 January 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
8 January 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
18 January 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
25 January 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
1 February 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
8 February 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
12 February 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
15 February 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
22 February 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
1 March 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
8 March 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
15 March 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
22 March 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
29 March 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
5 April 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
12 April 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
26 April 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
10 May 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
24 May 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
31 May 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
7 June 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
14 June 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
21 June 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
28 June 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
5 July 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
12 July 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
19 July 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
26 July 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
2 August 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
9 August 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
16 August 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
23 August 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
6 September 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
13 September 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
20 September 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
27 September 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
4 October 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
11 October 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
18 October 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
25 October 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
27 October 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
1 November 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
8 November 2017Experience Indochina$1,935AvailableBook now
15 November 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
22 November 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
29 November 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
6 December 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
8 December 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
13 December 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now
15 December 2017Experience Indochina$1,855AvailableBook now
20 December 2017Experience Indochina$2,005AvailableBook now

What will I be doing?

  • 26 day Itinerary ()

26 day Itinerary:

Destination info

A great place for adventure travel, Thailand has a population of 65 million, is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and shares borders with Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty complemented by impressive architecture, including strikingly beautiful temples. The country is also well known for its appetising food and the people renowned for their friendly manner.

  • Location:

Day 1 Bangkok
Arrive early and visit exotic markets and serene temples in the bustle of vibrant Bangkok.
Days 2-4 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat
Travel into Cambodia to Siem Reap, home to the extraordinary temples of Angkor Wat. Be awed by the magnitude and beauty of this incredible area.
Day 5 Kompong Cham
Stroll the streets of Kompong Cham or discover the legends of nearby mountain temples.
Day 6 Phnom Penh
Arrive in chaotic, yet charming, Phnom Penh.
Day 7 Homestay
Head into Cambodia's countryside for a village homestay with a friendly local family.
Days 8-9 Sihanoukville
Find a spot on the secluded beaches that fringe Sihanoukville or take a boat trip out to surrounding islands.
Day 10 Phnom Penh
Back in the capital, perhaps learn about Cambodia's tragic history at the Tuol Sleng Museum.
Days 11-12 Ho Chi Minh City
Arrive in Vietnam and spend free time visiting Ho Chi Minh's tourist spots, including the Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral.
Days 13-14 Mekong Delta
Cruise along the Mekong before spending the night with local friends.
Days 15-16 Nha Trang
Bask on Nha Trang's golden beaches, take a boat trip or visit the mud baths.
Days 17-19 Hoi An
Almost frozen in time, Vietnam's Hoi An will enthral. Venture out on a guided bike ride to explore the countryside.
Days 20-22 Hue
As well as being home to an array of ancient imperial ruins, Hue is also the centre of Vietnamese Buddhism.
Day 23 Hanoi
Discover the ancient streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter on a walking tour.
Day 24 Halong Bay
Stop by a local initiative that supports people living with disabilities before boarding a boat for an overnight cruise on Halong Bay.
Days 25-26 Hanoi
Complete the adventure with a final night in Hanoi.

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Experience Indochina

Rabia Manaf - October 2014

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The best chapter in my life so far-met some amazing people, visited amazing destinations and I'm so glad I did the trip!

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Every single aspect-couldn't fault any part! Nam (Vietnam tour guide) was amazing-he really did go all out!

Experience Indochina2014-10-04

Kathryn Murray - September 2014

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Amazing people, fantastic food, beautiful scenery, an experience to remember!

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Please rate the accuracy of your pre-departure information
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Please rate the accommodation during your stay
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Home stay with local families, meals with local families, guide optionally taking us to local restaurants.

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Try eat where the locals eat, be prepared to be flexible, leave lots of room for souvenirs!

Experience Indochina2014-09-28


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