Business and Finance Internships in London

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Business and Finance Internships in LondonBusiness and Finance Internships in LondonBusiness and Finance Internships in London


London is a city of many faces. A hub of global business and finance, a magnet for the creative sector and the home of many NGOs. For centuries London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. Our program offers successful applicants an outstanding internship in the sector of their choice, any time of the year. 


Working abroad shows an independent attitude, a clear drive to succeed and an impressive cultural sensitivity. Interning in London offers applicants an amazing opportunity to gain vital work experience and industry exposure, develop extensive networks and experience the best of what this great capital city has to offer. 


The London internship program provides you with all the stability and support necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful and rewarding. Quality accommodation, all your travel in London, cultural and social events, professional training and 24/7 full-time local support are all included along with your London internship.

Placement Requirements


Advised experience/ qualifications: University students/graduates/postgraduates or those with a keen interest in business, finance and/or entrepreneurship. A degree is not essential, but it will help when finding a suitable placement. You should have a confident and determined personality, excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a small team. In addition, we value academic excellence, the ability to think outside the box, cultural sensitivity, open mindedness and an international outlook. 

 Nationalities: This programme is open to all nationalities (subject to visa requirements) with the exception of UK residents.
Typical Hours: Monday-Friday; 7-8 hours per day.
Remuneration: Unpaid position.


Please note: Our UK internships are not available to UK applicants. 

When do I want to go?

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6 February 201624 weeks$14,079AvailableBook now
5 March 20166 weeks$5,279AvailableBook now
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5 March 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
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2 April 20166 weeks$5,279AvailableBook now
2 April 20168 weeks$6,179AvailableBook now
2 April 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
2 April 201612 weeks$7,999AvailableBook now
2 April 201616 weeks$10,079AvailableBook now
2 April 201620 weeks$12,159AvailableBook now
2 April 201624 weeks$14,079AvailableBook now
7 May 20166 weeks$5,279AvailableBook now
7 May 20168 weeks$6,179AvailableBook now
7 May 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
7 May 201612 weeks$7,999AvailableBook now
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4 June 20166 weeks$5,279AvailableBook now
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4 June 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
4 June 201612 weeks$7,999AvailableBook now
4 June 201616 weeks$10,079AvailableBook now
4 June 201620 weeks$12,159AvailableBook now
4 June 201624 weeks$14,079AvailableBook now
18 June 20166 weeks$5,279AvailableBook now
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18 June 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
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18 June 201624 weeks$14,079AvailableBook now
2 July 20166 weeks$5,279AvailableBook now
2 July 20168 weeks$6,179AvailableBook now
2 July 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
2 July 201612 weeks$7,999AvailableBook now
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2 July 201620 weeks$12,159AvailableBook now
2 July 201624 weeks$14,079AvailableBook now
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6 August 20168 weeks$6,179AvailableBook now
6 August 201610 weeks$7,039AvailableBook now
6 August 201612 weeks$7,999AvailableBook now
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6 August 201620 weeks$12,159AvailableBook now
6 August 201624 weeks$14,079AvailableBook now

What will I be doing?

  • Your Internship Placement

  • About London

  • It's not all work!

  • Application Process

Your Internship Placement: 8 weeks

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We work with some of the largest companies in London through to medium sized businesses and exciting entrepreneurial firms.


The world is becoming ever more globalized and frontiers between countries are dissolving in the modern era. We are proud to place our participants in exciting roles, ranging from sales and marketing and Public Relations to HR and head hunting, logistics, financial forecasting and business development.


Finance is one of the most competitive industries. In a world ever more globalized, flows of money into investments of different asset classes are at unprecedented levels. Mirroring the flow of money is the flow of talent. Top graduates from around the world covet slots with the world's leading financial institutions. An internship with a top company is now a pre-requisite for this high-octane world. In London, we offer opportunities in financial analysis, financial modeling, company research and business consultancy. 


We offer internships in some of the most exciting start-ups in the world in sectors including: technology; marketing; think tanks and social entrepreneurship. As winners ourselves of the entrepreneurship competition at the 2012 Summit of the Americas, attended by Heads of State including Barack Obama, our links are exceptionally strong in the start-up sector. 


Start-ups offer a very different career path from typical corporate careers, but offer some of the most exciting opportunities available for the most ambitious. We have a wide variety of internship roles helping first-class entrepreneurs in different stages of growing their businesses. From building a new brand’s image through developing an international business strategy and assisting with pitches for money raising, you’ll have the opportunity to learn first hand form the business leaders of tomorrow what it takes to build a successful company.


An exclusive and unique component of our programs are the professional development resources that provide tailored and structured training to enhance your skills and knowledge in order to get the most out of your internship and prepare you for a successful future career. Our resources include communication and leadership workshops, an online professional development tool and expert training materials. 


The type of work you will be doing during your internship will vary hugely according to the company and organization in which you are placed. When you apply, we will talk through you preferences, motivations and future career aspirations to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for from your placement. If you should have any special requirements, we will take these into account when arranging your internship. 


About London:

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In the 21st century London finds itself the headquarters to many of the world’s most important companies. The largest city in Europe and by far its biggest economy. A mesmerizing mix of culture, architecture, global cuisine, fashion, nightlife and business. This is a city that has it all!


Stand on the Millennium Bridge at night and see the skyscrapers of the City of London, set against the backdrop of St Paul’s Cathedral. Walk the streets of Westminster where the politicians battle one another in the Houses of Parliament just next-door to Buckingham Palace.


Explore the East End, the coolest nightlife zone in Europe, where fashion trends are set and followed the world over. This is a city where potential is realized. This is a city where individuals flourish.


It's not all work!:

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Our London full-time team is incredibly proud of the city and they want to show you why! From organizing your airport pickup to arranging your accommodation, they will ensure you have everything you need for your arrival to help you settle in to this great city and feel at ease. They will also provide you with your welcome package and your pre-loaded London transportation card. 


Our team will show you the best that London has to offer. The internship program includes the following events, free of charge to all participants:

  • Afternoon Tea Service
  • A River Thames lunch boat cruise
  • A West End theatre night

In addition to these free events, we also organise regular optional trips to museums, cinemas, bars, restaurants and other must-do activities in wonderful London as well as trips to other beautiful cities in England such as Brighton and Bath.


At all times of the year we have large numbers of talented participants on our programs from all over the world. You will immediately become part of an international community, providing you with friends and networks to last a lifetime!


Application Process:

Step 1: Application
To apply for this internship we ask you to either call us or apply online using the link below. When you apply we will request information on your emergency contact details, passport number and your health background and other important information. At this stage a deposit payment is requested, this deposit is non-refundable, unless your application is declined by our team in London.

• A completed application form (provided upon deposit payment)
• Current CV /resume detailing your work and study history

Note: If your internship is part of your university course, and requires accreditation this can easily be arranged. We request a letter from your tutor supporting your application for an internship.

Step 2: Telephone/Skype interview with our Internship Coordinator
Once we have your application pack we will contact you to arrange an informal interview with our internship coordinator who will be your main contact before you leave for London.

Step 3: Accepting the placement
We will send you a formal offer letter for you to sign, along with a clear summary of the types of roles you will be involved with during your internship.

Step 4: Interview with your host company
Your internship coordinator will arrange a date and time for an interview with your host company.

Step 5: Payment of full program fees and sign placement description and agreement
At this stage we will help you to organise a suitable visa to enable you to work in London.


Info Pack Download

Download Info Pack

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Info Packs include a full itinerary, country guides and travel advice on visas, money, insurance and the local weather. By filling in your details you'll also be kept updated on all the latest news, offers and stories on this particular trip. Happy reading!

What's included?

  • Top internship
  • Quality accommodation (private bedroom in good area)
  • Professional development workshop, training and tools (communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills)
  • Industry-leading workplace performance assessment (created by global HR firm DDI International)
  • Expert training materials on key topics to help you get the most out of your internship experience
  • A Bateaux Cruise on the River Thames and London Eye ride
  • Tickets to a top London theatre show with dinner beforehand
  • Afternoon Tea at a classic London venue
  • Traditional Sunday Roast
  • Airport pick-up (private car to collect you from the airport and take you direct to your apartment)
  • All your transport in London (free and unlimited use of the city’s metro system, buses & trains)
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from local staff
  • Pre-departure welcome pack
  • Welcome orientation on your first day
  • Welcome package including city maps, important program information & transportation card
  • An active international community of interns in London with regular events and activities organized
  • Visa assistance (where required)
  • Academic credit assistance (where required)

What's not included?

  • Your travel to London
  • Your meals and personal expenses while on the program
  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Travel insurance

Additional Information


During your placement you have the opportunity to experience London life first hand and in the company of students from around the world. We offer high quality shared student accommodation and you can choose between a private or shared bedroom (sharing with one other person) in a self-catered student apartment. 


All accommodation options are of high quality and are situated in good, safe areas within London. Our apartments have been carefully selected so that a commute to work will not exceed 45 minutes door to door.  Unlimited travel on London’s Tube (subway/metro), buses is included in the price of the program to give you the opportunity to explore this amazing city.



Meals are not included in the program price. The accommodation provided is self-catering.


Is this trip for you?

This program is an investment in your future and will give you a substantial advantage over your peers. An international work placement will significantly aid you when searching for long-term employment. Previous interns have also received full time offers of employment from their host companies in London upon the completion of their internship. And the above doesn’t even touch on your personal development and the fun you will have!


We accept applications on a rolling admissions basis for internships throughout the year. All applications must be in at least 6 weeks before the programme start date. We operate on a first come first serve basis so we encourage early applications.


All students who are accepted into our program are provided with our full money-back guarantee. This means we promise to place you in an internship with a company you approve of or you will receive a full refund if you decide not to proceed. Our moneyback guarantee ends once you have formally accepted the placement after your telephone or sykpe interview with the host company.


Advice & Safety

Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay.


You will be assigned a personal travel advisor who will co-ordinate your programme with you. Feel free to contact them at any time before you go, or when you are on your travels.


In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency contact number so you can contact one of our UK staff at any time should you need to.


What will I see in London?

20 photos


1. Are these internships paid?

Our mission is to facilitate internship opportunities for international students. Whether these internships are paid or not is down to each specific placement company.


2. Why should I join this programme?

This program is an investment in your future and will give you a substantial advantage over your peers. An international work placement will significantly aid you when searching for long-term employment. Previous interns have also received full time offers of employment from their host companies in London upon the completion of their internship. And the above doesn’t even touch on your personal development and the fun you will have!


3. I am from the UK - can I still apply?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from UK residents.


4. When is the deadline to apply?

We accept applications on a rolling admissions basis for internships throughout the year. All applications must be in at least 6 weeks before the programme start date. We operate on a first come first serve basis so we encourage early applications.


5. Do I need a degree to apply for an internship?

No. A degree is not essential, although will help when finding a suitable internship and will make the placement process easier.


6. Can I see a list of employers?

After you have applied we will provide you with a full list of opportunities in your sector.


7. What hours can I expect to work?

Typically, participants work an average week of no more than 40 hours. The company at which you are interning will set your work hours but the majority of internships will take place between 9 am and 6 pm.


8. Can I obtain academic credit?

All participants will be able to obtain academic credit if necessary via our partner university.


9. When should I apply?

You should apply at least 6 weeks before you wish to begin your internship in London. However, we strongly encourage early applications in order to avoid disappointment, our internship placements are on a first come first serve basis.


10. Is attendance at our events mandatory?

All of our events and activities that we organise are optional, but your job is not. With your internship placement, you may not miss work for any reason other than health and family emergencies unless previously approved by both our in country directors and your employer.


11. Can I live at a relative's house and take the housing out of the cost?

We are generally unable to remove any elements from our All-Inclusive program to reduce the cost. The employers we work with depend on this service, in turn making you more reliable. However, if you have particular needs please do contact us.



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