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Sydney - Place Profile

Known as the home of the most iconic opera house in the world, that incredible bridge and the 2000 Olympics- Sydney is one awesome city, and the queen of Aus has a special place in our hearts! To celebrate all that Sydney has to offer, we thought we’d give you the lowdown of the things we love best about Sydney. After all, who’s never dreamt of living with all of this for a year?!

In Sydney, you need to:

S is for seeing the sights- Sydney is full to the brim of iconic landscapes that you need to tick off your bucket list!

Y is for year round good weather, even in Sydney’s winter temperatures rarely drop below 8c during the day, and in the summer you can expect it to hit up to around 27c. Nice!

D is for dining- Sydney has some top class restaurants, casual eateries and the best beach BBQ’s in the world!

N is for the night- have a stroll along Sydney Harbour in the evening and lap up the breathtaking views of the city! The city hosts some incredible night life too, so get your dancing shoes on baby!

E is for extreme, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb! If you feel like being a bit of a daredevil, then head up to the top of Sydney and witness the stunning views over the city…

Y is for your fantastic Sydney experience; we’ve never heard anybody say anything bad about the beautiful Sydney, and it’s easy to see why!


Our working holiday package whisks you off to Sydney for a year, imagine the possibilities?!

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