Best Of Burma

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  • Adventure 2 out of 5
  • Relaxation 4 out of 5
  • Culture 4 out of 5
Best Of BurmaBest Of BurmaBest Of Burma

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the magnificent temples of Bagan
  • Relax on a riverboat cruise to Mandalay
  • Discover Burma's 'Jewel City'
  • Trek through rarely visited alpine villages
  • Delve into the underground at Pindaya
  • Admire Yangon's golden Shwedagon Paya

Trip Summary

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Travel to Burma and discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the friendliest folk you'll ever meet. From golden-gilded Buddha's in Yangon and the magical temples of Bagan to the tranquillity of Inle Lake, Burma will excite, impress and intrigue you. A visit to Burma is to experience the South-East Asia of twenty years ago, full of rarely seen sights and generations of stories just waiting to be told. Come and discover a little bit of Burma magic with us.

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4 June 201515 days$2,440AvailableBook now
18 June 201515 days$2,565AvailableBook now
25 June 201515 days$2,640AvailableBook now
9 July 201515 days$2,665AvailableBook now
23 July 201515 days$2,565AvailableBook now
6 August 201515 days$2,695AvailableBook now
20 August 201515 days$2,440AvailableBook now
27 August 201515 days$2,590AvailableBook now
3 September 201515 days$2,695AvailableBook now
10 September 201515 days$2,590AvailableBook now
15 September 201515 days$2,590AvailableBook now
17 September 201515 days$2,590AvailableBook now
24 September 201515 days$2,820AvailableBook now
1 October 201515 days$2,615AvailableBook now
8 October 201515 days$2,720AvailableBook now
15 October 201515 days$2,850AvailableBook now
20 October 201515 days$2,720AvailableBook now
22 October 201515 days$2,720AvailableBook now
27 October 201515 days$2,720AvailableBook now
29 October 201515 days$2,745AvailableBook now
3 November 201515 days$2,770AvailableBook now
5 November 201515 days$2,850AvailableBook now
7 November 201515 days$2,850AvailableBook now
10 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
12 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
14 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
17 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
19 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
24 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
26 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
28 November 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
1 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
3 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
8 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
10 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
15 December 201515 days$2,855AvailableBook now
17 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
22 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
24 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
26 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
29 December 201515 days$2,880AvailableBook now
31 December 201515 days$2,825AvailableBook now
2 January 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
5 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
7 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
12 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
14 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
19 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
21 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
26 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
28 January 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
2 February 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
4 February 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
9 February 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
11 February 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
16 February 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
18 February 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
23 February 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
25 February 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
3 March 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
10 March 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
15 March 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
24 March 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
29 March 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
31 March 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
7 April 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
14 April 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
21 April 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
28 April 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
5 May 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
19 May 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
2 June 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
30 June 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
14 July 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
28 July 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
11 August 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
25 August 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
8 September 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
15 September 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
22 September 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
29 September 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
6 October 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
13 October 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
18 October 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
20 October 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
25 October 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
27 October 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
1 November 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
3 November 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
8 November 201615 days$2,800AvailableBook now
10 November 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
15 November 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
17 November 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
19 November 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
22 November 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
24 November 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
26 November 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
29 November 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
1 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
6 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
8 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
13 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
15 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
20 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
22 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
24 December 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now
27 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
29 December 201615 days$2,910AvailableBook now
31 December 201615 days$2,695AvailableBook now

What will I be doing?

  • 15 day Itinerary ()

15 day Itinerary:

Destination info

Officially known as the 'Republic of the Union of Myanmar', Burma stands tall as Asia's last undiscovered gem for Western tourists - who were only given access within the last couple of decades (and with that came a lot of restriction!). Now the countries open to tourists and is there to explore, and we reckon it's the perfect place to kick start your gap year adventure!


Bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand Burma's a country hosting a mix of different cultural influences. It's the second largest country in South East Asia and over 60 million people call Burma home, so get ready to talk to the locals and learn what this awesome country is all about. Remember to keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might see!

  • Location:

Days 1-2 Yangon
Nestled in the shadow of the gold-encrusted Shwedagon Paya is Yangon, a melting pot of Burmese culture and colonialism. Visit this impressive holy site and be dazzled by its riches - both physical and spiritual.
Days 3-5 Bagan
Fly to Bagan and get the first taste of Burma's crowning glory at sunset. Exploring this phenomenal area - spanning some 42 sq km and compromising of thousands of brick and gold-gilded stupas - is a remarkable experience. While here, perhaps take an optional hot air balloon ride at sunrise.
Day 6 Ayeyarwaddy River
Set sail on a riverboat cruise along the Ayeyarwaddy River. Soak up the serenity of life on the water and admire local villages and an ever-changing landscape as it rolls by. And, for a really authentic experience, sleep on deck under a canopy of stars.
Days 7-8 Mandalay
Meet some friendly locals on an energising morning walk before moseying on down the river. Spot fisherman hauling in their catch on the water's edge before arriving in Mandalay by late afternoon. Known as Burma's 'Jewel City', join a local guide for a sunset tour of Mandalay Hill. Perhaps take the river express to the sacred site of Mingun, take in a show at Mandalay Marionettes or visit Mahamuni Paya, resplendent in a layer of gold leaf.
Days 9-10 Kalaw
Continue on via the world's longest teak bridge to Kalaw. Relish the temperate climate and stunning scenery of this mountain hideaway. Rise early and embark on a trek through rarely visited alpine villages, meeting locals who live simply as they have done for centuries.
Days 11-13 Inle Lake
Make tracks through the mountains to Pindaya. Explore the labyrinth of caves here with a local guide, admiring over 8,000 images of Buddha contained inside. Continue onwards to Inle Lake and spend time visiting the floating markets, cycling around the lake and admiring the skills of local 'leg rowers'.
Days 14-15 Yangon
Leave scenic Shan State behind and travel back to Yangon. Explore more of this surprising city before this Best of Burma trip wraps up over a final group dinner.

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